Yahoo (Oath) Data Center Field Trip

After presenting to the IT Club last year, Zach Woodruff invited us to the Yahoo Data Center–now a Verizon company formally known as Oath–for a tour. We learned that this Center is one of three Oath facilities in the United States and serves as the global distribution center for IT assets headed to Yahoo’s global data centers. Walking among the stacks of computers, Woodruff explained that the hot, processed air pushed out by the computer is contained and cooled above the stack before being circulated into the facility–a industry leading design. This tour sparked a comparative analysis with the multiple-tenant Scott Data Center on the bus ride back.


Scott Data Center Field Trip

For this week’s meeting Ken Moreano, Executive Director of the Scott Data Center, gave the IT Club a tour of his facility at Aksarben. We learned about the Tier III certification the facility holds with its power and cooling requirements and the startup incubator connected to the data center. This tour is connected to our upcoming tour of the Yahoo Data Center.

Scott Data Center

Artificial Intelligence: An existential threat or groundbreaking technological advancement?

We continued our theme of case study based meetings this week with an inquiry into the current state of affairs for Artificial Intelligence technology. Grounded in three articles from The Economist and The Wall Street Journal, we discussed the implications of developing artificial intelligence technologies from its impact on the labor market to a possible threat to human livelihood. The discussion ended with some ideas about reforming the educational system to better equip workers in responding to the rapid pace of innovation.

See this document for an outline of our discussion.

The articles:

  1. To Keep Up With AI, We’ll Need High-Tech Brains
  2. Automation and anxiety: The impact on jobs
  3. Re-educating Rita: Education and policy

Introduction to Networks 10/25

Senior Jackson Panzer, our Content Curator, delivered an introductory presentation on networking during our October 25th meeting. Dr. Rzemyk was on hand for the approximately the first half hour and provided additional insights from an administrator’s perspective. Jackson covered topics such as the Mount Michael fiber infrastructure and individual networking components. The club discussed types of fiber, switches, hotspots/access points, and other networking devices. His presentation is here.


Interactive Programming 10/11

This week was the second part of a two part introduction to computer science session. Last week we covered the theoretical side of computer science and began applying those concepts to a Python Lab on Codeacademy.

We used the knowledge gained from last week and applied it to an interactive robots battle arena, FightCode. The Club referenced the FightCode Documentation to build more and more complex algorithms that guided the path of the robot.